Key Learning Outcomes

1. Be equipped with advanced theoretical and applied knowledge through the use of up-to-date course materials and other scientific

resources, and assess an organization from different perspectives, using this advanced knowledge.

2. Understands and analyze the basic concepts and functions of business.

3. Communicate in English to keep themselves up-to-date about the most current and emerging trends in business.

4. Have full understanding of business-related issues

5. Take responsibilities as a team member to solve problems

6. Think in an interdisciplinary way and contribute to effective teamwork.

7.Plan and manage the relevant activities for the professional development of their subordinates.

8. Define their learning needs, and take initiatives to satisfy them through lifelong learning and self-learning skills.

9. Notice, interpret and make use of business opportunities in the field of economy.

10. Commmunicate their suggestions to problems effectively in a verbal and written way with the support of qualitative and quantitative data; and effectively report to relevant individuals and institutions.

11. Use information and communication technologies at the level required by their field.

12: Produce innovative and creative ideas and put them into practice.